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Violog: #4

I worked on my sight-reading in the build up to this video and, as you will see, the bowing is not straight as I was not focusing on it. My new teacher, Emily, picked up on it straight away and has given me some exercises to improve it. These exercises involve…

Violog: #2

This week, I have been working on my first violin piece: Scarborough Fair. I decided to learn this famous old English folk song by ear. By using trial and error, I was able to feel my way around the violin, which gave me a greater connection to it. I found that this approach also allowed for greater expression and exploration of the piece as the constraints of written notation were removed.

VioLog: #1

This is my first progress update since starting my violin journey. After a week or so of practice, this is where I am… I aimed to simply get used to the instrument; stringing it, tuning it, getting a feel for it, and listening to it.

The Modes

I’m often asked what modes are and how they work, so here is a short breakdown.

Simply put, there are seven modern modes and they are all built from slightly different interval patterns. The easiest introduction to the modes involves the use of just the white notes of the keyboard…