In short, I’ve always liked the sound of the violin, so I’m going to learn how to play it and I’m going to share my progress with you.

To keep me motivated and show what is possible with a bit of dedication, I’ve decided to give myself an initial target of practising regularly for 6 months, recording my progress along the way. As well as sharing videos, I’ve decided to also write a journal of what I am trying to achieve each week. In the journal will be links to articles that I’ve read and tutorials that I’ve used, as well as discussions with more accomplished violinists on what they believe is important for developing good technique.

I hope it proves valuable to anyone who wishes to learn a new instrument (particularly the violin), and I already can’t wait to look back in six months time and see how it went.

Top Tip #1

Nothing can hinder the development of a musician quite like the fear of making mistakes. You will not get things perfect the very first time you try, so allow yourself to get things ‘wrong’ and learn from them. Embrace your mistakes.

I begin this journey knowing that I will make countless mistakes along the way, and while they may well give us some laughs (and occasionally hurt our ears), acknowledging and exploring them simply helps us to improve.

See you in a week!

(If you have any comments, questions or tips for me throughout this journey, please do share them below.)


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